Acts of honor

Vidin takes part in the Memorial week

On the website of the Regional Library “Mihalaki Georgiev” in Vidin information was published about the Memorial week, dedicated to Snejana Ianeva and about the Memorial Fund “Snejana Ianeva” - established in January 2020 by “BCause” Foundation. Snejana Ianeva was a librarian and President of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association from 2012 and Chairperson of Global Libraries Bulgaria Foundation until her passing.  However in the first place she was a person, whose life was devoted to the libraries and librarianship. She was and will continue to be an inspiration and an example to all of us, working in this profession.

Snejana Ianeva did her very best for the Bulgarian libraries. A network of American Centers in public libraries throughout the entire country was established under her guidance. She has a contribution for the beneficial professional collaboration with the American Library Association. She established close contacts with the “Bill and Melinda Gates” Foundation which resulted in Global Libraries Bulgaria Program and Foundation.

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