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Regional Library “Liuben Karavelov” – Russe

Regional Library “Liuben Karavelov” – Russe

The team of the Regional Library in Russe remembers with respect the attention, the wholeheartedness in her attitude to our desire for growth or to problems encountered by our cultural institute. In the Memorial week, with which we mark Snejana Ianeva’s memory, the Regional Library “Liuben Karavelov” published at its website a commemorative material, photos and a link to the Memorial Website for Snejana Ianeva.

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Text of the publication:

Snejana Ianeva’s memory was celebrated with a Memorial week.

17 March 2021

Snejana Ianeva was born in 1952, on the March, 8th - the International Women’s Day. So in March we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of this remarkable woman, a Bulgarian with an international prestige, who with her erudition, patriotism and initiative for 30 years gratuitously worked for the modernization and democratization of the libraries in our country. 

Snejana Ianeva passed on 26-th December 2019 after a short illness at the age of 67. Her entire active life was dedicated to the libraries and the librarianship. She started as a librarian at the Sofia University Library. She was a long time and respected Director of the Information Center at the US Embassy in Sofia, but she devoted her life to the mission to work for the contemporary development of all libraries in Bulgaria without any compensation or rewards. She was the President of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association. She was at the basis of the close contacts with “Bill and Melinda Gates” Foundation, and she invited its representatives to visit our country. After the visit came the realization of the project “Global Libraries-Bulgaria”. Thanks to this project, the largest during the last 30 years, Bulgarian public libraries changed considerably and turned into centers for equal access to information of all citizens. Snejana Ianeva participated in the Board of the established in 2013 “Global Libraries Bulgaria” Foundation. Since 2016 she was the Chairperson of the Foundation Board.

We would like to mention here her participation in the Jubilee scientific conference “Liuben Karavelov - a writer, a publicist, a revolutionary, a politician” in 2014 The forum was dedicated to the 125-th anniversary of the library, 180 years from the birth and 135 years from the passing of its patron. The conference took place under the auspices of the Bulgarian Minister of Culture; the support of Russe Municipality and “Vasil Levski” Foundation. At this forum, the Library in Russe was awarded the Badge of Honor of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association. The prize was bestowed by its President - Snejana Ianeva.

For more information visit the Memorial page “Snejana Ianeva”  www.snejana-ianeva.org

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