Acts of honor

Commemoration of the birth of Snejana Ianeva in Dimitrovgrad

On March 18, 2021, the community of the hometown of Snejana Ianeva marked her birth date with an event organized by the Municipal Council and the City Library. Words of respect to this remarkable Bulgarian, born in Dimitrovgrad, sounded in the hall of the library that has her name. The mayor of the town, Mr. Ivo Dimov, and the Chair of the Municipal Council, Mrs. Gergana Krasteva, colleagues and relatives of Snejana expressed their gratitude for her work and devotion to Bulgarian libraries and culture.

The “Penyo Penev” City Library received the Award of the “Snejana Ianeva” Memorial Fund for its leading role in promoting her life and work among the Bulgarian library community from Prof. Dr. Emilia Ianeva, who also made a donation of two printers to the library. .

For more details and photos click here (the website of City Library "Penyo Penev" Dimitrovgrad).