Acts of honor

Library “Geo Milev” - Montana

Library “Geo Milev” - Montana

On March 8th, Snejana Ianeva’s birthday, the Regional Library “Geo Milev” in the town of Montana, started a Memorial Week of the acknowledgement in memory of the woman, who devoted her life to the libraries.

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With profound gratitude the library team prepared a multimedia presentation, which traces Snejana Ianeva’s life and professional development as well as her work visits to the town of Montana.

In the chronicle a video-recording is included - that is Mrs. Anelia Ivanova-Todorova’s (Director of the Regional Library “Geo Milev”) speech, which she made at Snejana Ianeva’s Memorial Service in January of 2020. 

Photos of the initiatives, organized by the libraries in the country were shown in Snejana Ianeva’s memory.

The biographic multimedia presentation will be shown on a big screen in the library central foyer from 8-th to 12-th of March 2021 every day from 11 until 16 o’clock.

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During this period the visitors of the library will have the opportunity to see an exhibition of periodicals, presenting Snejana Ianeva’s contribution to the development and the modernization of Bulgarian libraries.

The construction of the “Memorial garden for Snejana Ianeva” continues in April. The garden is situated at the entrance of the library. It is forthcoming, around the silver pine, growing in her memory. The garden will be planted with Sneja’s favorite flowers and there will be a bench with a design, thematically connected to the books, she loved. The goal is this Memorial Garden to become a zone for reading in open air and contemplation.