Acts of honor

70th Anniversary of Snejana Ianeva's Birth

New Annual Award “Snejana Ianeva” for an Innovative Library On September 23, 2021,The Board of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association of which Snejana Ianeva was President for many years, decided to be one of the organizers of the 70th anniversary of her birth and established an ANNUAL AWARD FOR AN INNOVATIVE LIBRARY in her name. SNEJANA IANEVA AWARD FOR AN INNOVAATIVE LIBRARY will be awarded under the following conditions: - It will be given annually with the rest of the annual awards. - Nominations for the award will be made by members of the Board and then the Board of BLIA decides which library will be its recipient. The award reflects the successful mission of Snejana Ianeva to bring modernization and democratization to Bulgarian Libraries by using not only innovative technologies, but also the most innovative practices from around the world.