Спомени на институции

Memoirs of Rositsa Kutsarova, director of the Regional Library in Targovishte

Sincerely and personally about Snejana Ianeva

NO, I don't cry for SNEJI, I worship, I deeply and sincerely worship her!

NO, I can't forget her words, her smile, her kindness, her cheerful nature!

NO, I will not stop repeating the lessons she taught me - for our profession and about life! - For example - to make your dreams come true, always demand more from yourself!

NO, I don't want to believe she's not in this world. Her example always lives in me!

NO, SNEJA was not just a friend, but a faithful friend who helped us in difficult times and rejoiced with us when we are happy.

NO, SNEJA was not a superficial, soft, uncompromising person but a Person, who was strong, honest, principled, with a huge heart that could collect and take away the pain of others. She was always ready to come to the rescue altruistically and, reaching out to you, to strengthen the great respect we had for her, mixed with our friendly feelings and grateful love, to provoke you and help you become a good person. SNEJA carried the good in herself and boldly showed it to the world, so she lived to do good and make the world a better place. The good in her had the power to brush away everything negative, turning it into positive. It still enriches people, endowing them with that divine light, which purifies and repels everything bad that touches it - this for me is SNEJI IANEVA.